Starling River Resort: Your Next Getaway to Break the Monotony!

Your Next Getaway to Break the Monotony

Deciding a vacation spot does become difficult at times. When the soul is craving some solitude, solace and tranquility, we sometimes run out of options.

Deciding a vacation spot does become difficult at times. When the soul is craving some solitude, solace and tranquility, we sometimes run out of options. Sadly, the vacation spots that were known to offer such vibes are no longer able to live up to our expectations because of over-exploration. Well, India is too huge to run out of vacation choices and this time, when you consider a quiet getaway with your family or friends or even solo, Dandeli, in Karnataka, should top your vacation list. Now, let us give you a clear idea of what you can expect from this beauty in the hills.

Dandeli doesn’t have a railway station by its name but four prominent railway stations are in its proximity- Londa, Alnavar, Dharwar and Hubli. Trains from all major destinations can take you there easily. You can also reach this beauty in the hills by bus. So, reaching here is not at all a hassle. Next comes the stay. Well, despite the place being a small nook of India, Best resorts in Dandeli are astonishingly remarkable in terms of facilities and accommodation. It’s insane how every bit of comfort and adventure is so carefully put together. When planning a trip, most of us desire for a comfortable stay without burning a hole in our pockets. Here in Dandeli, Starling River Resort is the answer to the quest.

Situated right amidst nature and alongside a water body, Starling River Resort is an experience in itself. Whether you are looking for some quiet alone time with nature or in a mood of partying with friends or are looking for some adventure, the resort makes availing, any or all, easier and budget friendly. The rooms here are clean and cozy with all urban facilities. The balconies offer a magnificent view of the flowing river and the green forests. For those who wish to remain closely knit to the nature throughout their vacation, the resort offers cozy tent accommodation too for an enthralling experience.

Well, vacations are not only about luxurious stays but also ever lasting memories. All those little adventures that we take up, all those walks we take around the location, every tiny conversation we have with the locals, every new flora and fauna we discover around us, every bite of the local cuisine- that’s what makes our trip oh! So memorable! But, everything becomes all the more relaxing if there is someone to arrange the whole package for us at decent rates. The in-house activities range from a luxurious swim in the infinity pool to a starlit bonfire night in the forest. At Starling, you can indulge in adventure sports such as river rafting, trekking and kayaking. For those who prefer peace, you can soak in nature as you indulge in bird watching or relax at the Dandeli natural Jacuzzi or take up a jungle safari or simply walk into the woods. There is something or the other for everyone, irrespective of the age!

Rest, we’ll leave for you all to visit and experience because, experience speaks louder than words. Let your next trip be at Dandeli, enjoying the serenity of the place while availing the above par services by Starling River Resort.

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