Temple and Sightseeing Tour to Karnataka

Temple and Sightseeing Tour to Karnataka

Dandeli in Karnataka is a little known town with a plethora of spiritual escapes, temples and sightseeing options any tourist would love to visit.

Dandeli in Karnataka is a little known town with a plethora of spiritual escapes, temples and sightseeing options any tourist would love to visit. If you are spiritual minded and also adventurous in nature, Dendeli is a haven for you with so much to see and absorb from temples, nature camps, forts and caves to a tiger reserve.

About 460 km away from Bangalore, the peaceful town of Dendeli  can be best reached by bus as there is no direct train service that plies between Bangalore to Dendeli. The best time to visit would be winter, of course, especially if you do not hail from the southern peninsula already.

So here’s a list of temples and sightseeing options in Dendeli for you:

Dandelappa Temple

The temple that gives name to Dendeli, Dandelappa Temple is dedicated to Dandelappa. It is a popular pilgrimage and one of the oldest temples in the region, attracting a flock of tourists as well as pilgrims from across the region. People have strong belief and devotion for this temple for getting their wishes fulfilled.

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple stands is another one of the ancient sites in Dendeli. The temple not only attracts pilgrims but also history and archeology buffs for the amazing architecture the temple boasts.

Ulavi Temple

When counting temples in dendeli, Ulavi Temple can never be missed out. Channabasveshara took Samadhi here and the temple is built in a Chalukya architecture approach. It is not just a spiritual site but also a great adventure tour in itself. Surrounded by thick forests that are home to tigers, elephants cheetahs, cobras and many other wild animals, a visit to Ulavi Temple is more of a safari ride.

Shivaji Fort

There is no dearth of heritage sightseeing in Dendeli especially with the presence of the massive and historic Shivaji Fort that is a great tourist attraction in the town. If trekking is your thing, a visit to Shivaja Fort is a must for you. The fort will impress you with the proud war strategies and techniques that were executed by Chhatrapati Shivaji to fight the enemies.

Kavala Caves

Pull up your socks and tie your shoe strings tight for this long trek to Kavala Caves that were formed due to volcanic eruptions. The volcanic activity formed a Shivlinga shape that is also a pilgrim attraction, especially during Shivratri festival. Don’t forget to have enough space in your camera as this place is a great photography opportunity.

With so much to see in Dandeli, you surely need a few days to explore the town fully. Book one of the finest hotels in Dandeli Karnataka. Starling River Resort is a great option. There are many other hotels in Dandeli with price close to your budget.

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