Things to do in Dandeli

Dandeli, a nature lover’s delight, also has quite a few exciting activities. These include zip line, bird watching, trekking, rappelling, rafting, camping, kayaking and so forth.

KAYAKING in dandeli


Zip through the moving waters of the River Kali or take a leisurely, lazy float across a placid lake. Kayaking is much easier than you think. If you know how to swim and use an oar, you can enjoy the thrill of Kayaking in Dandeli and even learn advanced techniques from our experienced instructors and coaches.

JUNGLE SAFARI in dandeli


The animal kingdom holds wonders that never cease to amaze and educate. Lose yourself in the rich and bio-diverse forests of Dandeli as you spot tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, deer, antelopes and bears. In this crowded ecosystem, there are a large number of interesting reptiles like crocodiles and over 300 species of birds that will enchant even the most experienced traveler.

BIRD WATCHING in dandeli


Bird watching is the art of spotting and observing different types of birds and learning more about them. A large community of active birdwatchers has made Dandeli a hub for “Birding” because an abundance of rare and beautiful birds reside in the region such as Woodpeckers, Bulbuls and the magnificent Malabar Hornbill.

RAFTING in dandeli


One of the most thrilling and satisfying sports to engage in is Rafting or White Water Rafting. Dandeli is the perfect place to try this sport because it has some really interesting spots where Rafting enthusiasts can learn and hone their skills while they experience the thrill of the ride and the power of the mighty river Kali.

Places to Visit Around Dandeli

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