Happiness is an Infinity Pool! Although there are many resorts in Dandeli with a swimming pool, the Infinity Swimming Pool at Starling provides hours of entertainment and acts as a social hub for our guests. From the pool, one can witness the eternal ballet of nature with a great river view as well as what is happening inside the resort.

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Fly like a bird! Zip Lining in Dandeli allows users to strap onto a high wires and glide through the air, giving wonderful vantage points and views of the neighboring areas. Although it looks scary, Zip Lining is completely safe and a lot of fun to do!

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Perhaps the best and most visceral activity that one can partake in is to explore the wildlife in Dandeli. Simply attire yourself with comfortable walking shoes, a bottle of water and a map and go forth to discover the mysteries of Dandeli for yourself. Our staff and guides are ever-present to help you and point out interesting routes and passages.

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